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The Chicago Academy of Sciences’ entomology collection consists primarily of insect species from North and Central America, with a focus on the Midwestern United States. The Academy has had several prominent entomologists in its history, primarily between 1930 and 1960. Donald C. Lowrie (1910-2000) studied spiders and their role in local dune ecosystems. Leonora K. Gloyd (b. 1902) conducted fieldwork on Odonata. Orlando Park published on the taxonomy and ecology of Coleoptera, particularly the Pselaphidae, in the 1940s. Stanley Auerbach researched centipedes in the Chicago area during the 1950s. Other major collectors include Andrew Bolter (collected between 1879-1910) and Harry D. Sicher (collected between 1940 and 1970), both of whom collected primarily Lepidoptera. The majority of the non-Lepidopteran specimens were collected in the Midwest and Western Great Lakes regions, with Canada, California, Florida, and the Southwestern U.S. also represented. Lepidoptera primarily include species from the Midwestern U.S. as well as Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Alaska, California, Florida, and the Southwestern U.S. Temporal Coverage of this collection is 1834-Present, with the bulk of the non-Lepidoptera specimens collected between 1872 and 1911, and the bulk of Lepidopteran specimens collected between 1891 and 1964.

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Dawn Roberts
Director of Collections
The Chicago Academy of Sciences 2430 North Cannon Drive 60614 Chicago IL US +01 773-755-5125

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Dawn Roberts
Director of Collections
The Chicago Academy of Sciences 2430 North Cannon Drive 60614 Chicago IL US +01 773-755-5125

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Dawn Roberts
Director of Collections
The Chicago Academy of Sciences 2430 North Cannon Drive 60614 Chicago IL US +01 773-755-5125

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Point Of Contact
Erica Krimmel
Assistant Collections Manager
The Chicago Academy of Sciences 2430 North Cannon Drive 60614 Chicago IL US +01 773-755-5118
David Bloom
John Wieczorek
Information Architect
Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at UC Berkeley

Географический охват

Primarily United States, especially the Midwest and Southeast.

Ограничивающие координаты Юг Запад [-90, -180], Север Восток [90, 180]

Таксономический охват

Описание отсутсвует

Class  Insecta,  Arachnida

Временной охват

Период жизни 1800-present

Дополнительные метаданные Rooted in Chicago, Illinois, the Chicago Academy of Sciences was founded in 1857 and was the first science museum in Chicago. Through its Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, the Academy connects its community to local environments and inspires life-long relationships with urban nature. The museum collections and archives contain natural history collections in the disciplines of botany, entomology, geology, herpetology, ichthyology, malacology, mammalogy, oology, ornithology, and paleontology, as well as cultural collections, audio visual collections, and archives. These materials range from the 1830s to the present and are predominantly from North America with a focus in the Midwest/Western Great Lakes region.

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