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The Ichthyology Collection is the largest of the biological collections housed at MMNS with the earliest material dating back to 1888. The majority of the holdings represent freshwater species; however, the collection does contain representative material from marine and estuarine habitats. Total holdings of the MMNS Ichthyology Collection contain approximately 62,000 cataloged lots, which is represented by over 965,000 individuals, 746 species, 96 families and 35 orders.

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Matt Wagner
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State Ichthyologist/Curator of Fishes
Mississippi Museum of Natural Science
2148 Riverside Drive
39202-1353 Jackson
Laura Russell
  • Programmer
David Bloom
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John Wieczorek
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Information Architect
Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at UC Berkeley

Geographic Coverage

Geographic representation of the material includes 27 states and five countries (Australia, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines and USA).

Bounding Coordinates South West [-90, -180], North East [90, 180]

Taxonomic Coverage

746 species, 96 families, 35 orders and 4 classes are represented.

Class Actinopterygii, Myxini, Hyperoartia, Chondrichthyes
Order Clupeiformes, Cypriniformes, Atheriniformes, Perciformes, Percopsiformes, Cyprinodontiformes, Siluriformes, Esociformes, Amiiformes, Acipenseriformes, Semionotiformes, Anguilliformes, Petromyzontiformes, Mugiliformes, Scorpaeniformes, Osteoglossiformes, Beloniformes, Pleuronectiformes, Gasterosteiformes, Rajiformes, Carcharhiniformes, Aulopiformes, Batrachoidiformes, Elopiformes, Tetraodontiformes, Characiformes, Chimaeriformes, Osmeriformes, Salmoniformes, Ophidiiformes, Lophiiformes, Amphioxi, Gonorynchiformes, Synbranchiformes, Gadiformes
Family Clupeidae, Catostomidae, Atherinidae, Percidae, Cyprinidae, Centrarchidae, Aphredoderidae, Fundulidae, Ictaluridae, Poeciliidae, Esocidae, Amiidae, Polyodontidae, Moronidae, Lepisosteidae, Anguillidae, Sciaenidae, Scombridae, Carangidae, Petromyzontidae, Mugilidae, Triglidae, Hiodontidae, Belonidae, Achiridae, Paralichthyidae, Ephippidae, Ariidae, Syngnathidae, Dasyatidae, Sphyrnidae, Synodontidae, Batrachoididae, Eleotridae, Sparidae, Acipenseridae, Elassomatidae, Centropomidae, Stromateidae, Pomacentridae, Gerreidae, Rajidae, Gobiidae, Haemulidae, Pristidae, Elopidae, Tetraodontidae, Ophichthidae, Cynoglossidae, Trichiuridae, Balistidae, Characidae, Umbridae, Chimaeridae, Cichlidae, Cottidae, Engraulidae, Osmeridae, Cyprinodontidae, Pomatomidae, Loricarridae, Salmonidae, Rachycentridae, Serranidae, Exocoetidae, Scorpaenidae, Lutjanidae, Blenniidae, Ophidiidae, Dactyloscopidae, Polynemidae, Ogcocephalidae, Torpedinidae, Bothidae, Carcharhinidae, Branchiostomatidae, Echeneidae, Mullidae, Antennariidae, Muraenidae, Gasterosteidae, Amblyopsidae, Uranoscopidae, Clariidae, Chanidae, Galaxiidae, Percopsidae, Gobiesocidae, Sphyraenidae, Profundulidae, Synbranchidae, Hemiramphidae, Coryphaenidae, Gempylidae, Phycidae, Atherinopsidae

Temporal Coverage

Start Date / End Date 1888-01-01 / 2014-01-01

Collection Data

Collection Name MMNS Ichthyology Collection
Collection Identifier MMNS
Parent Collection Identifier MMNS Ichthyology Collection
Curatorial Units Between 0 and 62,000 Species Lots ,  Between 0 and 965,000 Specimens

Additional Metadata