Lianas of the Guianas (Part Suriname)

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4 March 2019
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Lianas (woody vines) are iconic symbols of tropical forest ecosystems around the world. Forest climbers take advantage of the biologically expensive architecture of trees to gain relatively inexpensive access to the light-rich canopy. The evolution of a climbing habit has occurred in many unrelated plant groups using twining and clasping shoots or specialized structures such as tendrils, hooks, spines, adhesive roots, and novel stem anatomy. In recent decades, the significance of lianas to tropical forest diversity (more than 25% of species and woody stems), carbon sequestration, and forest gap dynamics has been increasingly recognized. Although they are often considered pests in commercial forestry, woody climbers are important to many traditional peoples as medicines, subsistence fibers and non-timber forest products. Lianas also provide many benefits to wildlife, including aerial walkways, food, nesting sites and shelter. Largely due to the inaccessibility of their flowers and fruits, lianas and other climbers remain among the most poorly known life-forms in the tropics. The specimens presented in this dataset were collected as part of a research project on lianas and other climbing plants initiated by an NGO – The Amazon Conservation Team – Suriname. The purpose of the project was to document and advance understanding of woody climber diversity in the forests of the Guiana Shield region. The project resulted in the 2017 publication of a book, The Lianas of the Guianas: a guide to woody climbers in the tropical forests of Guyana, French Guiana, and Suriname - written by Bruce Hoffman and Sofie Ruysschaert with contributions from Mark Plotkin, Frits van Troon, and Joerie Zwerts. Approximately 55 families, 175 genera, and 400 more common species are described in the main text, with ± 1300 species (including herbaceous climbers) in a comprehensive checklist. The guide is intended for specialists and non-specialists with an image-rich format, simplified terminology, artistic icon guides, and common names and uses. The growth-forms covered include woody lianas, subwoody lianas, woody hemiepiphytes, and climbing shrubs.

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Title Improve accessibility of Surinamese biodiversity data through digitizing and partnerships
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